• Facility Management Service

        Your company runs critical applications to ensure business runs like clockwork. However for that to happen, applications need to run like clockwork, and so do the IT infrastructure supporting them. That’s what Progression ensures with the Facility Management Service. On-site engineers backed by a team of remote experts, ensure quick recovery from any system failure, and coordinate and follow-up with third party vendors/service providers for equipment under warranty. Progression’s objective is to ensure that the business sees as little downtime as possible.

    Key Facilities Management – delivers real value through consulting, outsourced management services, project management, and interim management. We provide experienced interim facilities managers at strategic, tactical and operational levels.

    Where there is an understanding of Facility Management and the value that it offers.

    Where long term business relationships are developed and nurtured.

    Where every challenge is seen as an opportunity.

    Where quality is not compromised for quantity.

    Where you will achieve the desired standards at optimum cost.

    A change management company that ensures its activities are business driven.

    A partner that you can trust.

    Where you will find experience, leadership, innovation integrity and an honest approach.

    Facilities Management will deliver resources:

    To meet peaks of activity

    With specific skills and experienced required

    To suppfa fa-toggle-rightrt Change Management

    For your short, medium and long term requirements

    With competence and experience

    Where there is a step change required – merger, acquisition, solvency, downsizing, restructuring

    As a stop gap fo a temporary loss of in-house resource