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Since 2008 , ESN Solutions ( Enterprise Systems & networking Solutions) has provided the third-party hardware maintenance,, project development & consulting to Enterprise IT Departments and Data center by our parent company called VSION TECHNOLOGIES INC at TX , USA.

As an alternative to high costing of maintenance from vendors , ESN dramatically impacts OpEx ( Operating Expense) budgets for post-warranty servers , Storage systems , Backup devices and networking hardware.

While marketplace trends in the adoption of hybrid infrastructure support models have grown, along with the increasing acceptance of third-party hardware maintenance, ESN holds steadfast in its commitment to demonstrable Service Quality. While many third-party maintainers are competing primarily on price, ESN deeply values the importance of your IT infrastructure and the mission critical function it provides to your business. ESN won’t compromise service quality, merely to reach the lowest price. Instead, transparency and collaboration are paramount to building trust first, then the long-term partnership. During consultation, when requirements only necessitate “bare-bones” service, ESN is happy to oblige with a detailed summary of service inclusions and exclusions, so that your service expectations are met.


We have a pool of skilled professionals, whose passion is to update themselves with the latest technologies. Deploying these, we design develop and deliver feasibly advanced software applications to make your business grow at a rapid pace. We blend technology and innovation to give the best results possible. Decades of rich experience in the IT industry have made us boast of the fact that we live and breathe effective IT solutions across all platforms.

With every project, irrespective of what it is, we put our best efforts to exceed our clients expectations. With each and every project, we learn to enhance our own skills and experience which we exploit it to give you even better solutions.


ESN Mission

ESN provides enterprise IT hardware support and maintenance to a global client base. Supporting mission critical servers, storage and networking equipment, we’re known for inspired consultation and truly customized solutions. We hire carefully, seeking team members that are driven to provide expert solutions and unrelenting in their commitment to value. No other independent support provider matches our drive to precisely understand your unique standards for service quality, then enthusiastically aims to surpass them. At ESN, words are never as valued as results.

Highlights of ESN SOLUTIONS :

From Your OEM?

  Costs will average 40-60% less, When comes to AMC.

  ESN has globally available, multi-vendor (multi-OEM) expertise

  No hidden agendas to drive an unnecessary tech refresh, only a hard-wired drive to serve and to solve.

Our Leadership

The Senior Management and Executives at ESN have a depth of experience in the third party maintenance that is unparalleled. And with an average tenure at ESN just under 14 years, we have remarkable continuity of management. We encourage you to learn more about our leaders

From Other Third-Party Maintainers?

  Steadfast in a commitment to service quality that exceeds expectations

  No hidden agendas, only full transparency throughout customized service requests

  Champions of service quality over lowest-price solutioning

 Unconditional consultation, rooted only in your business drivers and your success

Our Values

We work together with our clients from around the world as Technical Partners To deliver the right solution, at the right price.

We are open and honest in our communication.

Sharing information and knowledge and clear insight into options, status, pricing and timescales.

We are committed to our clients to ensure they obtain the highest possible standards of service and quality of product.

We act with integrity… Constantly striving to uphold the highest professional standards.